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Free Android 2D Game Development Tools For Beginners

January 28, 2014 0 Comments

If you are a serious programmer and thinking of developing your first game for android device, then you have landed on a right page. Game development can become very difficult if you don’t have the right tools. There are many 2D game engines available. Some of them are freeware and some of them can cost you few bucks. Here is the list of some 2D android game development tools which might help you to start.


1. AndEngine

The reason behind the popularity of AndEngine is the provision of essential development tools with less complexity. AndEngine is absolutely free 2D game development framework and you can start developing some basic games just in few minutes having moderate knowledge of Java. AndEngine supports OpenGL which means you can utilize maximum performance of your android device. AndEngine is provided with many extensions including box2D for using physics in your games. You can set up it fast and start developing with ease. You may have a hard time to find a proper documentation but there are many websites where you can find helpful tutorials. For more information Click here.


2. Libgdx

After getting used to AndEngine, your next step should be switching to Libgdx. It’s a well built framework for beginners. You may find many similarities between AndEngine and Libgdx. The main feature of Libgdx is that its cross platform development feature. You can test your code on desktop itself rather than using slow android emulators. It can boost your productivity. There are many debates on internet about using Libgdx over AndEngine but both are good and efficient. You may find essential tutorials on Libgdx forum. For more information Click here.


3. Cocos2D-X

Cocos2D-X is gaining popularity due to ease of development in programming languages like C++, Lua and Javascript. You can find many games developed in Cocos2D-X in top download charts.Moreover, you can deploy your game on iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry devices at the same time. It’s been used by many users, ranging from individual developers to big companies like Zynga and Disney Mobile. It has a big active user base and many professionals are active in development community. It’s totally free and the games  can be run on low end devices too. For more information Click here.


Above mentioned tools are pretty helpful for beginners and one can start developing games conveniently at faster rate. Apart from these, there are many professional and paid tools such as Unity 3D with 2D plugin and Marmalade. However, you may have to spend a lot of time while getting used to them. I have kept the list small to avoid any further confusions.





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